de Boer Media is the recognized industry leader in fabricated signs, set coverings,

custom props and graphics for special events, television and film.

We understand the requirements of time sensitive projects and move quickly and expertly.

   Our years of experience and expansive production capacity puts us in a position

to keep up with growing demand.

With multiple manufacturing facilities in and around NYC, our in-house installation

and delivery teams are ready to take on your load-in and production schedules.


Some of our production and props include:

Back Drops, Scenic Backlit Drops, Printed Linoleum either textured or smooth for Patterned Mosaic Floor or Wooden Floors, Posters, Vinyls, Street Signs, Regular & Large Format Banners,  High & Low Relief Wall Installations, Channel Letters, Stickers, Neon Signs, PVC Gates & Fences, Printed Carpet, Light Boxes, Wall Paper, Stretched Canvases,  License Plates, Stamps, Name Tags, ID's, Passports, Cereal Boxes, Photographs, Flags large and small, and much more; working with Fabric, Brushed Aluminum, Plexi, PVC, Gator, Wood, Metal Sheets, Paper, MDF, Styrene, Linoleum, Canvas, and much more.​ 


Working in the fast paced film and special events industry can be quite demanding, our diligence,  swift and timely delivery under time constrictions, is a testament to our long standing relationship with  well known names  and high profile clients unsurpassed in the industry. 



Rush orders

 Best  known in the industry for our speedy prompt ability to fabricate,   print and produce,

de Boer Media Group is your answer      to emergency projects, always dependable, delivering  our promised product to you timely under the highest time constrictions.


quality control

​At the core of our production and reputation Quality Control reigns. Our QC department keeps up with the demands, attention to detail is closely observed and shared with our clients throughout the  production process prior to delivery, keeping our clients well informed and up to date with   every single order.  We strive  for  your satisfaction by producing, fabricating, printing and ultimately 

delivering the best product to you.